Q-MED Needle(QMED ニードル)[Macrolane SUB-Q]の個人輸入代行

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Q-MED Needle(QMED ニードル)

General Name
Suitable for Macrolane SUB-Q、Macrolane Fine専用
QMED ニードル のご注文には医師の捺印が必要な「指示書」を含む輸入申請書類(薬監証明)が必要です。

Product details for Q-MED Needle(QMED ニードル)

ID 冷蔵/薬監 Type Amount Units/wrapping Manufacturer Manufacturer country Shipping country Unit price Delivery date Click to order
注射用針 16G/1.6x70mm 10 Q-MED Sweden Sweden 18,000 yen 7-10days
注射用針 18G/1.2x70mm  10 Q-MED Sweden Sweden 18,000 yen 7-10days

The attention at the time of the order the Q-MED Needle(QMED ニードル)

  1. Please acknowledge that we do not refund or accept returned pharmaceuticals in any way once payment has been made.
    ※Defective product or mis-delivery are exceptions.
  2. These pharmaceutical products have to acquire Yakkan Syoumei at the time of import by the order of patient. The sealing of doctor is necessary on this occasion, too. Yakkan Shoumei commission is free
  3. A consumption tax occurs at the time of entry to import goods more than 10,000 yen. Please confirm it later because it becomes the direct request from a delivery supplier separately
  4. Because of the regulations, we can not provide detailed information including effects, side effects and dosage.

Other charges than mentioned above for Q-MED Needle(QMED ニードル)

  For doctors For patients
Shipping fee FedEX:0 yen FedEX:0 yen
薬監証明手数料 0 yen 0 yen
Consumption tax Will be charged directly by delivery company Will be charged directly by delivery company
※Shipping and handling fees are already included in the product price.
Q-MED Needle(QMED ニードル) のことなら医薬品個人輸入代行のアイアールエックス・メディシンへ。
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